Sunny jog 

This is the closest park I can jog at which is like a 5 min drive (similar to the duck park by the rents house) It’s really nice and open, so I feel safe jogging. I even saw a corgi at the park today and there were old people walking like mom and dad lol.

I got gas all by myself today, it took a few tries before I was able to click the thing for the fuel to come out. 

I feel like the laundry here is like back in college. I guess it’s good that they have the machines on each floor, but if someone doesn’t take their crap out for the dryer I have to go upstairs to use one, which happened today. I think it would have been acceptable if I threw out that persons clothes! Haha but I finally did laundry here for the first time as well. This adult bum life is interesting. 


One thought on “Sunny jog 

  1. Awww…it ain’t legit til you can pump your own gas! Good job! I’m surprised you didn’t kidnap the corgi! Glad there’s green parks near you…remember to lift weights, too, so you won’t have brittle bones!


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