Pink Blobbermagoobers

img_6507So, I’m pretty sure these aren’t cherry blossoms, but they’re pink and they’re pretty and it’s warm and sunny, which means all of Portland is sitting at some patio after work imbibing some beer, wine, cocktail, or some magical alcoholic concoction, munching on some awesome grub, and soaking up some much needed vitamin D onto our post-winter, ghost-white, pale faces (I think this run-on sentence violated many grammar laws). The cocoon has yielded the butterfly so to speak, and Portlanders are stretching out our rain-proof wings. Haha.

Walked along 23rd today buying (I can’t tell you…haha), then walked all the way over to the Pearl to get more of this secret stuff. It was delightful!

Good luck tomorrow!

Love, Your sista


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