Reversing Roles

I worry about mom and dad with you not living there anymore. It was different before when we were both in college and mom and dad were living alone because they were younger then and more able bodied. But now, they’re so much older and only growing more frail and slow with time. 

I think I’ll make more of an effort to visit them more, especially dad on Saturdays when mom is gone doing her social butterfly thang and if I’m free. 

I’m really grateful that they are relatively healthy compared to most other people their age and that they’re still independent, and we’ll both physically and mentally. Remember to call them often! 


One thought on “Reversing Roles

  1. That’s good that you’re going to visit them more. I talk to mom everyday anyways. I think I lived with them for too long that they got comfortable. At least they are still healthy and we will see them often.

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