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MAX Adventures

I have the fortune of riding the MAX during peak rush hour everyday, so unsurprisingly, the MAX was sardine can-like packed today. Sandwiched between, and mere inches away, from strangers, I used my stand up paddle boarding stance to freeze myself into the most statue-like pose possible as to avoid accidentally bumping into people as the MAX swayed during my ten-minute ride. Everything was going well, no bumping, no weird odors, no screaming crazies, especially considering I had nothing to hold onto (but my dignity) due to the crowdedness…that is until one of the said strangers about a head taller and only inches away from me took a deep breath out. I felt a strong flow of warm, moist air sweep across my eyelids and softly lift my hair causing it to flutter from my forehead. If one can contract eyeball STD from the airborne route, I think I just got infected. Oh the joys of public commute…


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