Thank goodness for GPS

Such a pretty sunny day today! I drove to Seattle Children’s Hospital for an interview (it was close to UW where we will be this Saturday). I felt like it was a good interview, they told me I should hear back from them in a couple days. Let’s hope it’ll be good news! Did I get lost? I sure did, but good thing gps can reroute! Seattle drivers are just like Oregon drivers. It wasn’t a far drive from home, which was good. 

I think this should be a fun blog to share a glimpse of our lives rather than making it like a Q&A homework. However,  to answer your questions, “wifey” life is a good learning experience so far. For once we’re in the same place and can do things on the weekdays like normal couples. We cook together, but he cooks the meat. I just marinate it first. I’m like the sous chef. Cleaning is fairly equal with laundry, dishes, and we talked about which chore we hate the least to do. So I don’t mind cleaning the toilet and he can vaccuum. We meal plan, watch tv in the evening, and figuring out wedding stuff. We also walk outside when it’s nice out. We’re still learning about our habits and it’s been fun so far. 


One thought on “Thank goodness for GPS

  1. I’m glad to hear domestication is working out for you. And okay, we shall not “homework” this. I guess I’m just scared you’ll get lazy or forget to continue posting and we’ll drift apart from this move. And then I’ll have to find a new sister to torture, which is hard work and I’m too lazy to find a new gullible, short, crazy person.


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