Surprise, Showers (literally), and See-ah-toe!

Even though you’re so gullible and I completely tricked ya, I was scared someone else would accidentally slip and reveal about the surprise bridal shower before the shower. Luckily, everyone’s been great! 

It made me so happy to see how your eyes widen and how excited you were when you realized that you got tricked and that you were going to your own bridal shower when I gave you the white flower head wreath as your “ticket.” And even more awesome how super excited you got when you realized it was at the high tea place.

I’m glad you enjoyed it because you totally deserved it! And it was awesome for us all to share in this high tea experience with you. I’m glad the weather gods cooperated (they were on my OCD itinerary).

I definitely had so much fun eating and drinking and hanging out with you, your friends, and my future bro-in-law. The Japanese place was awesome (gotta try Momiji next time!) and I totally loved the speakeasy bar,…like really loved it – the ambience, decor, their cocktails, being able to look down on people (haha). The um, music selection (Mariah Carey, backstreet boys) was an interesting choice to the prohibition themed place. 

Oh, and congrats again on your new J-O-B!! (Seriously, so glad you don’t have to drive the freeway to work). I’ll see ya in a few weeks.

…and winter is coming…


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