Best MOH

You played me for a fool lol. That was the best bridal shower surprise ever! And I loved high tea with everyone. The games and favors were so well thought out. You pulled it off! I really appreciate you for making it a special day for me! 

I’m really glad you liked the dinner place and Needle & Thread! It was bomb.com. We have so many more places to try when you come visit! I’ll be back in a couple weeks and we can go shopping! 

I’m ready for GOT!! I am the dragon queen!!! 


One thought on “Best MOH

  1. Um…you need to have a dragon to be the dragon-queen, and I don’t think bear counts as your dragon. Bear can’t fly or breathe fire. With your height, I think it’d be more accurate to say you’re Tyrion, or even one of those white-walker children. =P


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