Work Drama

Omg – had a meeting at work and it went awfully. Basically, the higher ups want to dump more work into our already understaffed clinic with complete disregard of how behind we already are with the current workload. Ugh. But I guess I learned 1) don’t make work your life, 2) it can always be worst somewhere else (i.e. the grass ain’t always greener on the other side), and if you think it is, then you should quit, and 3) instead of stressing (which is useless energy), focus your time and attention towards finding potential solutions (and in my case, ways to cover my ass when shit hits the fan). There’s a lesson to be learned in every adversity and one of the upsides is I have great coworkers to vent to and work together with.

I hope your new coworkers will also be great because it makes a huge difference and that you’ll find the place a great place to work in!


Your sister!


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