Technically everyday is weekend for me. I have 2 more weeks of laziness until my start date! I’ve always worked in clinics so it was different filling out online forms for a hospital. They’re so much more official. I have to pee in a cup by Monday. They always pick far random lab places too. So I’ll be working in the Neuro Movement Disorder, that’ll be interesting to learn what this department does.

I have a dinner double date tonight and then a birthday party to go to tomorrow. What are you doing this weekend?!?!


2 thoughts on “Weekend!!!

  1. That sounds like you’ve had a great weekend! How was the picnic and where did you picnic at?

    And I guess with hospitals, they’re more stringent cuz there’s more at stake? More liability, maybe, for them.

    My weekend was not boring to say the least. Went to Luc Lac with Judy after work on Friday. Then had a double date at. Mediterranean restaurant (owned by same folks as Toro Bravo, Tastys n sons, etc.) in the Pearl that I’ve never notice for some reason. I liked their hummus, Persian chicken, and octopus. (Don’t get their panna cotta – tastes like yogurt).

    I also got mad at your bro-in-law for being all jerk-like and painted my sentiments. He did ask me this morning what was wrong when he noticed I was off and I told him he’s been mean, like he talks to me even when he is annoyed was mean and not necessary. I guess at least he asked and apologized.


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