80 degree weather

My gosh is so nice today! You should play hooky and soak in the sun!! So the place we went to yesterday is called Saltwater State Park. It was really pretty, clean, and not too crowded. It was about 30mins away. You can bbq there, but we were all lazy to cook so we just bought banh mi instead haha. The water looks super cold though. 

I’ll be home this weekend so we should hang out! Justin’s coming too cause we have to fill out the marriage license. Time is flying by fast now! I can’t believe it’s already May. 

Summer is coming! 


One thought on “80 degree weather

  1. That picture looks beautiful! Soak it up and enjoy your time off while you still can! I would have loved to play hooky today, haha, but decided to be responsible.

    Marriage license! That’s so adult! Haha. When you come home this weekend, I actually have a 15-minute consultation appointment with the hair stylist/colorist so you’re welcome to join if you’re free. And yes, we should hang out!


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