Fall Risk

…and I nearly face planted after I stepped off the bus leaving work today. There were no steps, uneven ground, or rocks or something on the ground that could cause me to trip. I just fell on flat concrete (ow!) and nearly face planted except I landed on my hands and knees as people continued to stream out of the bus. One nice lady stopped and asked me if I was ok. Maybe I should start walking with a cane or at least knee pads.


2 thoughts on “Fall Risk

  1. Awww that sucks! Put some neosporin so it doesn’t scar. You might need a walker with the tennis balls on them. I fall and walk into doors all the time. We have problems. At least one lady asked, people don’t care, it’s sad.

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    1. Minh says he’s getting me knee pads and a helmet. I’m gonna look special if I walk around in a helmet. I’ll get you one, too, for the door issue…haha


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