Daddy’s Birthday

I still can’t believe our dad is 71 years old! That’s not young. But at least he’s relatively healthy for his age and is retired.

Minh offered to drive us for lunch so we can go over to the East side so we ended up eating at this Viet restaurant in NE Pdx famous for hu tie^/u including vegetarian options. The food was really good and mom and dad really liked it. Let’s just say there were no left overs. Then we hit up New Seasons and I got them some hood strawberries (they frickin taste like candy!)

And then Minh invited them over for dinner for some light, vegetarian hot pot along with his parents so that they have some old people company…haha. They’re like children, I swear! 

I tried the dress on and think the length is fine. It’s not too short, and more importantly, not too log where my heels will trip over it and cause a fall (and a bloody scene). And as you know, I’m a huge fall risk.

Ok, now on to some continued packing…so excited!


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