I dont know how to cook. I kind of watch or help Justin, but I still don’t understand the concept of cooking very well. Tonight I did make chicken and rice! Steamed chicken and then broil it for crunchy skin. 

I don’t like cleaning it, it’s so gross. I marinated with some marinating packet and sesame oil.

Finished product! It tasted good too!

The important question now is, what should we make for dinner? Lol 

I got my friends cheesecake recipe so I gotta try it one day. Her cheesecake is bomb.com! Maybe if it’s good I can make it for thanksgiving. 


One thought on “Cooking

  1. Omg! That looks amazing! (The finished product, not the raw chicken…haha). I have to say – I’m impressed! I definitely will wanna try your cheesecake! I think I can cook as a form of my entertainment or leisurely activity, but not for survival needs. Haha. Good job!


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