I think I need to exercise more self-control with my eating cuz I’ve been eating a little “too well,” and unfortunately, once you’ve passed 30, your metabolism does take a nosedive! Ugh! Enjoy your 20’s while you still can.

On a brighter note, the hubsters and and I will be partaking in burger week tomorrow! (And probably again on Thursday…haha!)


2 thoughts on “30’s

  1. You eat so healthy and work out its o to indulge! It’s all about balance! I’m out of shape! I don’t want to start gaining cause I don’t live at home and eat the same anymore. Burger week sounds yummy! Send me a burger!

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    1. I had a mac n cheese burger last night from Elephant Delicatessen and it was bomb.com! We’re gyming and eating light tonight so we can do burgers again tmr! Haha

      And you don’t look different to me. Just get into an exercise routine, and keep packing lunch and snacks like you’re already doing. And maybe you can gradually sneak whole grains into ya’lls diet. And remember more fish and less red meat!


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