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I had started feeling sick this weekend but was hoping it would soon resolve (like it usually does) and wouldn’t end up becoming anything worse. Well, virus – 1, immune system – 0. I didn’t tell Minh until it was obvious to me I was definitely getting worse cuz he nags when I get sick. “Did you gargle salt water yet?” “Did you drink your vitamin C today?” Okay, it’s mostly cuz he cares but sometimes he’ll nag with misinformed misconceptions: “You shouldn’t eat chocolate when you’re sick,” he said a few days ago when I announced my plan to nibble on a dark chocolate. I informed him, “Don’t worry, dark chocolate doesn’t affect your immune system.” Haha. He’s funny. But he does care and keeps asking how I’m feeling, if I’m doing okay, and making me honey lemonade.

I usually don’t whine much when I’m sick. But I don’t know about your husband, but when my husband gets sick, he’s like a baby! Haha.


One thought on “Sick

  1. At least he means well. Technically chocolate will help heal anything and everything!!! Justin is the same, it’s like he is incapable of doing anything and is the biggest baby when sick. Men are weaklings!!!!! Get better, good thing you don’t get sick often.

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