Vacation mode

I’m so ready for vacation!!!! Works been even busier now that my coworker and I are taking on another persons job since they got fired. They caught her sleeping on her break for 3 hours! 

Is there anything you want me to get you in New York?!?! Just let me know! I’m super excited to see the big city. It’s suppose to be pretty humid tho. 

I love packing and airports! 


One thought on “Vacation mode

  1. I’m so excited for you!! New York City is just so full of life, craziness, and it just feels so real. And it touched me particularly because that’s the first US soil mom and dad touched when they immigrated here. So when you see the Statue of Liberty, remember how much meaning it holds for our family. You’ll have so much fun with crazy NYC (and crazy extravagant wedding – snag me a wedding favor…haha!)

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