New York City 

What a memorizing place. I can definitely understand why it is call “the city that never sleeps.”There were always people out and about, so many bodies walking with a purpose and conviction. Even when I was ordering pizza in Time Square or a cupcake at Magnolia Bakery, they expect quick decisions, but of course I’m very indecisive. Red lights were just a suggested stop for many drivers. I think they enjoy honking just because there’s not enough noise or something. You can tell who were the locals and who were the tourists the way they cross the street. After a couple days Justin and I were crossing whenever there wasn’t a car. But even the locals would just run in front of incoming cars, they didn’t care at all. And I did see some rats crawling around the subway and streets. All in all I think it’s a beautiful and lively city. There are so many more places I want to explore and eventually will come back again. 
Delicious coffee and chocolate chip rolled ice cream with condensed milk and graham cracker sprinkled on it.

Chocolate cupcake with a marshmallow like frosting, it was so moist and not too sweet.

Time square lights and all the busy streets around it.

Part of Washington Square park and this guy was playing one of my favorite songs by Claude Debussy – Claire de Lune. There were many musicians playing around.

Central Park was a lot bigger than I thought and very pretty.

Pretty bridge where I’m sure plenty of movie scenes have used at Central Park. 

We should plan a group family trip sometime maybe next year or so. I need to plan another vacation to look forward too hahaha. I think a vacation every quarter would be amazing! 


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