Summer is my favorite season because of all the outdoor activities, the festivals, the WARMTH, the fun summer dresses, and seriously, who doesn’t enjoy a glass of rose out on the patio on a warm summer evening. 

However, autumn, especially early autumn is a close second favorite – when the leaves are turning color, the day shortens just enough for you to catch remarkable sunrises and sunsets because of the clouds, the crisp air before it starts getting too cold, and all the orange and red and yellow and pumpkin spiced everything and butternut squashed and maple dishes.  

I also get seasonal affective disorder this time of year (usually later autumn when I no longer see sun before and after work). But this year, I brought a lamp to my office to hopefully combat the dreariness, and hope to busy myself with my art to avoid from feeling down. And, of course, you should take advantage of this time to prepare, and study, and write essays or whatever you need to do to further your career and create opportunity for yourself.

I’m also so glad you’ll be coming down more often for the holidays! Part of the merriment that lights up the gloom of the holidays is the family gatherings, and I was so worried that you would no longer be there as much now that you’ve moved and are married, and your absence would definitely be felt and be a huge damper during the holidays. So yes, I’m so happy you’re making an effort to be here with family! 😊


2 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. I like summer the best too. I only enjoy like the first 2 weeks of fall. then it’s starts raining and being gloomy and it’s dark all the time!!! Although I do like pumpkin everything and bootsa an scarf weather.

    That lamp should work and just do something you enjoy each day! You’re crazy you act like I moved across the world. Of course I’ll be there for the holidays! Xmas is my favorite and eating and shopping on Black Friday! I’m staring my list already muahhahaha.

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