Vancouver BC

We will have to do a family trip to Canada next year for the Richmond night market and have the parents enjoy the train ride up. Although we didn’t get to go to the night market one last time this year we still had good food and good deals shopping.

Gastown is part of downtown Vancouver and we like going to this restaurant called Flying Pig, good food and ambiance. I had the seafood papperdelle, I forgot to take a picture cause I was starving. 

It’s a cute small town with character and good bars and restaurants around.

Since we stayed in Richmond, there’s so many Asians it seemed like we were in HK lol. We went to Yaohan for snacks and HK food.

And I like the bubble waffle they have there.

We like to shop at Richmond Town center cause thy have Zara and other stores that have cute clothes and affordable prices. I got some fall cardigan and sweaters. But I’m waiting for black Friday to get nice work stuff and Xmas presents. 

It’s nice how close Canada is to do a quick international weekend trip. I’ll be back next year! 


One thought on “Vancouver BC

  1. Ooo! Pretty pictures! And that waffle looks quite interesting – does it taste any different from a regular waffle? Are you supposed to eat it as is? Or add stuff to it?

    Glad you had fun!


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