Hong Kong in December

It’s so nice to be on vacation again! I didn’t realize how cool the weather is in December. It’s high 60’s-70 weather in the day and low 60’s at night with a slight breeze. It’s barely humid so far. We got in around 10pm on Monday and slept the rest of the evening so we didn’t get jet lagged. Everyday there is 2 times of visiting hours in the hospital so we go at noon and at 6pm when his grandpa is eating. Public healthcare is different. They don’t have individual rooms and the nurses aren’t as attentive to each patient. One large room has about 8 patients lying next to each other. His grandpa is doing ok, he was more alert yesterday when we first met him. Apparently he’s got pneumonia and they changed his Parkinson’s meds which has been having bad side affects. And so he is very weak and doesn’t swallow very well and he can’t go without oxygen. He’s been in the hospital for over 2 weeks now. I guess it’s a good thing we came to visit him while he’s still alert.

Today we will have dinner with his grandparents on his moms side. And do some eating and light shopping. I bought some face masks already haha. His aunt and uncle from Utah is here, so we’re also hanging out with them.

Street food was bomb!

We went to this place called Tea Wood for dinner. Good variety of food and I had taro milk tea. My stomach is not used to such flavorful foods tho….I had to bust out the pepto. 

More to come!! 


One thought on “Hong Kong in December

  1. Oh goodness! I forgot to remind you to bring Imodium as well! Remember to stay hydrated, too – esp. when traveling! Glad you’re having a good time! The weather there sounds amazing right now – it’s low 30’s here in the afternoon, snowing, and I’m leaving work early in hopes of being able to make it home!

    Poor grandpa! Glad you are seeing him while he’s still alert. It would be much sadder seeing him when he’s worse, esp. for Justin. And man, remind me not to get hospitalized in Hong Kong.

    Food looks so bomb! But be careful with your sensitive stomach! Keep dem pictures and descriptions of your experience coming! I love seeing and reading about it! Tell me if they’re celebrating xmas over there, too!


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