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Foodie Smells

Our house was full of wonderful, savory, mouth-watering scents today. It made being snowed/iced in not too bad. Our downstairs was filled with the scent of freshly baked croissants all early afternoon, then roasted garlic for the latter afternoon (our garlic was about to go bad soon given Minh bought the bulk bag from Costco so roasting them was my solution). 

Man, croissants are hard! Those French, I tell ya. Minh had me help read and him decipher the recipe because it was like the quantum physics of baking (“measure the room temperature, then take the temperature of the flour, then adjust the temperature of your water so it all adds up to 50 degrees”…wtf?). He did okay for his first try – they resemble croissants, tasted buttery, but he had left them on the baking pan after removing them from the oven so they ended up overcooking. This batch didn’t rise as much as it should and the inside was denser than croissants usually are so he needs to figure out how to make them more fluffy and flaky next time. Trial and error with all things baking and cooking, right?

Glad it didn’t snow for you guys. And so glad our power has not gone out during all these snow storms. But excess of buttery croissants that need to be eaten and not being able to go to gym or walk outside cuz of icy conditions does not equal a good equation…


2 thoughts on “Foodie Smells

    1. Haha, I’m fearful of snow days right now. So different from when we were kids cuz now, we’re expected to still come in even on snow days. But we still got 2+ more months of winter!


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