Baking life 

I just love to bake for fun and for other people to enjoy! 

I think I definitely have that slight OCD  from dad cause I like to pre measure things out a day before baking.

Kneading the doughhhhhh. Using yeast is pretty easy.

Then I have to let it rise for an hour

See how it double in size!!!! 

The amount of butter it’s a bit more than I like but not compared to croissants. I got the new roller and spread sugar and cinnamon.

Rolled and cut and then it has to sit again to rise. 

Boom, 30 mins later out of the oven. I made the frosting myself with more butter and powdered sugar! Homemade is the best because you know what all the ingredients are. 

The football fanatics! 

I’ll have to make some for you guys. Cinnabon got nothing on me!

Can’t wait to hang out next week! 


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