Learning to Defend the Outside. Failing to Defend the Inside.

Took the women’s self-defense class today. Wish you could have joined me! I think it’s very useful and eye-opening, and would highly encourage you take a class somewhere.

Even though I took a very short self-defense class in high school, I had this misconception that the women’s self-defense class would be focused primarily on learning fighting moves. That turned out to be maybe a-quarter of the class (although, granted – this was only a 2-hour class). Much of the class was focused on prevention – on listening to our intuition to evade danger and the need to fight in the first place, on how to use body language and verbal and non-verbal communication to project confidence and deter a would-be attacker, on realizing that offenders and assulaters are not always necessarily strangers hiding in the bushes, but oftentimes, people you know, or friends of friends or family. And of course, if you do have to fight, remember to aim for the eyeballs, throat, and/or groin!  I’m definitely glad I took this class (plus, it was free and included complimentary lemon water, Kind granola bars, and an assortment of yogurts)!

I am, however, falling victim to the stupid replicating virus within me no matter how much I’m in denial that I will not get sick. Coughing, congestion, fatigue, and feeling overall pain in my body when I’m cold. I’m just pissed because I rarely get sick so I refuse to succumb to this bug (even though it’s kinda too late). #denial #jabbingVirusInTheEyeballs


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