Married Life

Super Bowl Knowledge 

I feel like husband is hopeful that out of nowhere, I will suddenly become interested in watching the Super Bowl. First he had asked me the other day if I wanted to watch it with him to which I just looked back at him in puzzlement – does he not know me? Then today, he attempted to “quiz” me on my basic Super Bowl knowledge (which is like, nil).

“Can you name the team that’s playing in the Super Bowl?” He had suddenly asked me as we were enjoying tea this morning.

“Oh, I know this one,” I had exclaimed excitedly. “Because I read on the news that there’s all this controversy about Tom Brady cuz he’s a Trump-lover!”

“Okay,…and who does Tom Brady play for?” He had responded.

“Um…the Patriots,” I had answered, and all proud of myself for knowing.

“And where is the Super Bowl this year?” He had continued.

“Oh, oh! I know this one! It’s in Texas cuz I had read on the news that they’re trying to curb the number of sex-trafficking in Texas cuz there’s always a spike in sex-trafficking around the SuperBowl,” I had answered. (Do you see a theme? I read the news too much and not enough maybe…haha). 

“Okay. And what state is the Patriots from?” He had quizzed.


“No, think East Coast. What about do you know who the Patriots are playing against?” 

“No idea.”

And that was the extent of my wildly expansive football knowledge. Haha


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