I’m only here for the food

Super Bowl time is about eating lol and baking. I made pigs in a blanket and M&M cookies and it turned out delicious. Finger food is easiest to eat during the game. It was potluck style and we went over to a friends house.

Mini hot dogs and crescent roll.

Love the mint baking ware. Making dough. 

It was the first time making these cookies. A lot of cookie recipes have the same base….sugar, butter, egg, and flour. Then you can add whatever else you want as long as you have the ratios correct.

I’m glad that now after Super Bowl no football until next fall!!! Hahah I don’t have to hear about fantasy football and them screaming at the tv! So after football it’ll be golfing time for Justin. Which last year I tried to go jogging when he went golfing so we will working on doing that to stay active. 

Can’t wait to see you this upcoming weekend woohoo!!!!


One thought on “I’m only here for the food

  1. Oh man, those look delicious! Gotta make “lemonade” out of “lemons” right? In other words, enjoy the food during football season! Wait, is that what Beyoncé meant when she named her album “Lemonade”? There’s a food for thought!


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