A Golden Ball

So I’m actually seeing sun – this blinding golden ball in the sky that shines rays of warmth onto my skin. Oh how I’ve missed that cancer-causing, melanoma-inducing star! My vitamin D supplements just don’t give the same warm glow like the sun does.

I’m not a winter person. In the past, I’ve usually suffered through varying levels of seasonal affective disorder during the colder half of the year (or “first world problems” as my insensitive husband had teased). I’ve actually done really well this year – no SAD at all so far. However, with the sun beginning to rise earlier and set later, I am reminded of how much more I love the warmer weathers – late spring, summer, and early autumn being my favorite.

The snow was pretty (although caused total chaos on our roads and an unwelcomed dent in my vacation leave), but I am so looking forward to sundresses, sipping rosé on the patio, outdoor festivals, barbeques and beaches and hikes, and all the wonderful berries and fruits and flowers that is bountiful in the warmer weather!

I guess we are lucky in the Pacific Northwest to enjoy all four seasons. Without winter, I probably wouldn’t appreciate all the other seasons as much. That’s probably true for many aspects in life – without having tasted sadness, you would not be as appreciative of your moments of happiness.  We understand things better when in relation to others.


Your Sis


One thought on “A Golden Ball

  1. I am certainly ready for spring and warmer weather! Summer is my favorite season. I’m glad to hear even though you Portlanders had a crazier winter weather, you didn’t have SAD this year. It’s March! Spring will creep up on us really soon!

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