I think I’m addicted to reading the news. I’m a news junkie. I can’t go a day without opening up my news app; I experience FOMO withdrawals if I do. I can’t fathom not knowing what’s going on in the world – what if some catastrophic disaster just went down in the world and I didn’t know because I didn’t read the news? Okay, it’s more like if I didn’t read the news, I would have missed out on the latest photo outcry of the Kardashians (Kourtney’s daughter’s new lip ring) or what new phenomenon is trending in Japan (swaddling for adults). 
I’m trying to resist developing a similar addiction to Netflix (damn you, Grey’s Anatomy!!) or YouTube (but who wouldn’t want to watch hours and hours of cute puppies doing cute things?). If I didn’t have to work or care about not becoming useless, I would just wedge my body in a sofa all day long and get high off of watching Netflix and YouTube while reading the news until my body swells into a grotesque obese state ridden with body sores and necrotic pockets of skin. My thumb would remain lean, toned, and agile from tapping my phone though – always gotta look at the positive.


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