Adulting: Work

Work has been sooo busy…job security, I guess?  But I still prefer working at my busy clinic over retail ANY day. 

I’m glad you moved over to a different job. It’s horrible to suffer the anxiety you did at your previous one! I hope this new position will be a much better and healthier work environment. And remember to keep on networking, growing (and documenting each accomplishment or skill and updating your resume), and applying for educational opportunities to advance yourself. I’m here to help with whatever you need.

It’s so funny how people leave high school but high school never really left many of us. There are still “cliques” and gossip at many work settings, and certainly, in my department. But because our clinic is small, it’s a very intimate setting and I’m lucky I like and enjoy working with most of my colleagues. I wonder if it’s also that way in retirement homes – old people cliques, elder gossip, a senior “burn book” (reference to “Mean Girls.” Haha


One thought on “Adulting: Work

  1. I am much happier in my new job. I can sleep. I’m learning to chart for patients and do their image/lab orders and learn about different research protocols. People are friendlier as well. I’m still new so I haven’t been given all responsibilities yet, but they’re way more organized as well. So it’s been a good transition.

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