Wedding season

I never grew up planning my wedding or dreaming about what it would be like. Some girls do which is fine, but I think that kind of kills the moment when it happens.

When I was in college and couple of my friends got married, I was happy for them but didn’t really care about weddings. 

Now after being in a relationship, I just love going to weddings and seeing how everything is decorated and the excitement of the bride and groom. Worse is if I know them well I cry at their weddings lol 

I got one more to go to this year and already know about one for next year. Weddings are fun/relaxing when it’s not yours to plan. Would you guys ever want to renew your vows??? 


One thought on “Wedding season

  1. I feel ya. I never “dreamt” about my wedding either. But I also enjoying attending them, and even helping to plan them – it’s a LOT less stressful when it’s not your own wedding (and money).

    I wouldn’t mind renewing my vows if we make it to a big milestone year (i.e. 20, 30, 50 year anniversary), and would likely do a very low-key, on the beach or farm or backyard type of event. What about you?


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