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Pulling Teeth

So I called mom and dad last night to write a description of dad’s symptoms for them to show the doctor at his doctor’s appointment today (glad they were able to secure an appointment so quickly!) It was a huge test for my patience because mom cannot answer my questions directly and simply:

Me: “What was dad’s temperature on 3/23?”

Mom: “Well, he was shivering. The chills. He had the chills.”

Me: “Mom, I just need to know what was his temperature on 3/23.”

Mom: “Oh okay. It was 102.8, which is less than 103. It’s above 102.”

Me: *bangs my head on the table*

Another example:

Me: “Mom, what days did he have the chills?”

Mom: “He was shivering so fiercely.” *Proceeds to re-enact dad’s shivering.*

I collected info on what symptoms he had, what days he had those symptoms, details of the symptoms, and how they managed it (e.g. took Tylenol, Ibuprofen, etc.), as well as symptoms he denies (e.g. headache, muscle pain, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.). Due to having to re-direct mom several times, this entire process took me 45 minutes and a killer need for a shot of whiskey by the end of the phonecall, which I resisted (only because I didn’t have any whiskey on hand).


3 thoughts on “Pulling Teeth

  1. That’s our parents! At least you tried to be patient and you will need it as they get older. Would have been nice to know his teeth was aching. That makes sense with the infection and fever. Crazy how important the health of your teeth interconnects with your overall health. I laugh that mom always imitates dads shivers….it’s scary lol

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    1. I guess husband was right about his observation that dad’s face seemed swollen on one side and he kept covering his mouth a lot. I don’t want to admit to him that he was right though…haha


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