Baking for others 

I think my joy of baking really started in college. My roommates would bake cupcakes with me and ever since then I’m obsessed. It’s more fun to try new recipes and share it with others as long as I don’t burn it. It always makes me happy when they like my baked goods. Plus I don’t want a lot of sweets in the house….I have no self control. I like to bake for others or for an occasion. But I prefer cookies and cake pops rather than making cakes. Maybe in the future I’ll learn to make specialty cakes. I do want to learn more fancy desserts eventually too. 

The s’mores cookies were soooo good! I found this recipe online, but I tried this cookie at an ice cream shop a couple months ago in Seattle. I figured I could make it myself.

Let’s bake together when I’m in town!!! 


One thought on “Baking for others 

  1. Omg! Omg! That looks sooo good! I like the pics of the process! Drooling tho! Well, that’s awesome that you figured how to make that s’mores cookie on your own! Good job!

    And yeees! We need to “bake” – aka you calling the shots and me sipping wine and “helping.”


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