Things that bring people together…such as horror movies

I saw the latest trailer for the remake of Stephen King’s “It” the other day and totally thought of you! I miss you by the way <3. I’m happy that you’re happy and hopefully feeling more at home up there but I miss hanging out with you doing mostly nothing or errands…haha. So I am thankful every time you visit and when I visit you, too.

Anyway, I saw the trailer for “It” and despite this new millennium clown costumes in what appears like a vintage dress, there’s still an element of childhood scary in excited for!

The other day, as husband and I were driving down a quiet neighborhood covered in tranquil rows of cherry blossoms and cheerfully lit up by the spring sunshine, I noticed a big, brown leather ball that slowly rolled across the intersection in from of our car. Immediately I thought, “wherever this ball ends up stopping, that’s where the clown’s gonna be.” Haha. I’m just sayin. (I don’t got problems).


One thought on “Things that bring people together…such as horror movies

  1. Miss you too mango!!! I’m excited to watch it!!! I vaguely remember what happens in the movie since I watched at 6 years old. It’ll either be scary or a comedy, but I’m excited to watch it! You are the clown!!!!!

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