Dark Fears

I’m usually a relatively calm person. I’ve even become a somewhat optimistic person over the years. However, I have those few moments of extreme anxiety and fear – like this morning, as I rode up the hill to work, while admiring the peaceful city view still blanketed in a warm, pink hue from the sunrise, I had this sudden worry about what if our country entered a war? What if we got bombed? And then I thought, well, worst case scenario – we die. But then I worried, well maybe that might not be the worst case – maybe surviving a war and the struggles and horrors that come with it can be worse than a quick death?

Such moments of worry and anxiety are not frequent, luckily, but I feel that above  worry is becoming more valid each day with the current events.

Then I have worries and panic attacks about what if or when mom and/or dad becomes really ill? Dies? How do we handle that? I usually have to stop myself before my mind snowballs itself into an all out panic attack.

Do you ever have moments of fear or worry? 


One thought on “Dark Fears

  1. Don’t stress about war, it won’t do you any good. Life is too short mang. It’s true, you never know what could happen, but fearing is going to stop you from truly living a happy life. I do worry if mom or dad becomes ill, but I know we will take care of them and that is part of life. It’s better to spend time with them and make memories. It is part of them growing old that we will have to deal with when it happens and worrying benefits no one. If anything preparing is key. Consider how to help them stay healthy and what plans we should come up with if things go bad. We can figure this out in more detail. Don’t worry…be happy lol


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