The Dementia is Real

Yesterday, I think I left my brain at work. I had fallen deep asleep on the bus ride home from work, carpooled with husband from max station to home, and it wasn’t until I reached home that I couldn’t locate my lunch tote and started looking through the house for it (it was still sitting at my desk at work btw). 

Afterwards, when we left the gym to stop by grocery store, I had wanted to drive so I got situated in the driver’s seat and husband on the passenger seat. Then I realized I had forgotten to bring my glasses like I usually do when we head to the gym, which means I can’t see. So we had to switch places so husband can drive to the grocery store.

And then upon reaching the grocery store, I announced to husband that I realized why I had not brought my glasses with me – it was because I was still wearing my contact lens. He just stared at me in awe. And so, I drove home from the grocery store. Haha.


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