Sample is life!

I’m super duper excited to try all the face products you got me!! Thanks for taking the time and money to make a kit for me! Save money to buy for yourself, I don’t need anymore. I’ll test these out and see how it goes! 

I like how all of us love beauty samples, I used to not care about them but now I love trying different things. And it’s definitely in the genes that we hoard things. Not to mention packaging is everything. That’s right, I judge a book by its cover haha. I should have been a beauty guru on YouTube, they get so much free makeup! I still think we own less than the average girl would own when it comes to makeup. It’s crazy to think I’m at the age where I want to get products to help preserve my youthful skin as long as possible. I don’t think I’m a graceful ager.

”Twas a fun weekend, I’m happy to see how our relationships with our cousin has evolved. Since we don’t have a lot of cousins it’s really nice we get along better and enjoy each other’s company as we have grown older. 

Have a good week mang! 


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