Ready for Summer

I can’t wait for summer!!! I love it when it’s still warm in the evening so you can go on a stroll at night after dinner and enjoy the sunny long day. And I like that all of Justin’s friends like to BBQ. So we can rotate houses and do BBQ’s on the weekend this summer instead of going out to eat.

Made veggie shrimp skewers and will BBQ pineapples too.

This summer we gotta go hiking and maybe you guys can come up for Bite of Seattle. I like going to festivals in the summer as well. And we gotta check out the new expanded pikes place too! This summer I want to paddle board, hike, go on evening walks, check out local events, and try out restaurants with patio seating. 

What do u want to do this summer? 


One thought on “Ready for Summer

  1. Agreed! Summer is the best! Followed by early autumn, and then the few weeks of spring when the streets are blanketed with cherry blossoms. Winter just plain sucks with the exception of the major holidays to salvage it.


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