Married Life


Oh man, ever since I’ve been married, I have mostly let husband do most of the driving, and instead, have been kicking back on the passenger seat focusing on more “important” things like controlling the music or navigating (or playing with my phone). Slowly, over the years, an uncomfortably to drive insidiously creeped up on me. By the time I realized this, I had reached a point that I was quite nervous about driving on the freeway again (and mind you, I used to drive on multiple freeways regular while on school rotation in Portland and Seattle). But it had somehow reached that point where I shied away from the wheel. Finally, over this past week, I’ve had to do all of my own driving, including the freeways. It was like yanking off a bandaid – just suck up and do it already. I’m glad I did. I need to practice a bit more before I’m back to feeling as comfortable as I used to, but at least I’m back behind that wheel again. And I plan to stay behind the wheel as often as I can because I never want to let it reach this point again.


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