Craft time 

I have time to do my crafts and clean the house and laundry and watch shows I want to watch lol.

I always go through the dollar/deal section in target. Gosh so many things I want to buy, but I don’t really need. So many cute things!  I’ve been wanting a recipe binder, cause I like to waste paper still and print out recipes. It’s easy to look at when I’m measuring things out rather than reading on my phone. And I like it all together in one place. 

But, I found it at target! And it is cheaper than what I would have make one that had cute tabs and stuff. Yay I can write out my favorite recipes and attach pictures in the binder. The paper inside is already set up for ingredients and directions. Gosh that stuff makes me happy. It’s like you and you’re art/calligraphy. 

Are you going to continue taking the calligraphy class or will you just start teaching calligraphy and steal his students? hahaha


One thought on “Craft time 

  1. Yay! I’m glad you’ve found something that brings you joy! I plan to continue the next workshop (1 hour class x 4 weeks), and will think about if I want to continue on to the 3rd, which is the final, workshop of the series. It’s muchos $, but brings me joy. I guess for some people, it’s like they spend the money on a luxury purse or coat or watch. For me, it’s my hobby.

    You should just start a photo journal of your baking adventures! (Or you can share it here…haha)


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