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Dad’s Voice

Most of the time, when I call mom and dad’s home phone, mom picks up. Or if dad picks up, he’ll almost immediately hand the phone to mom because of his hard of hearing. But tonight when I called, dad picked up and stayed on the line. It was cuz mom was away from home shopping at Costco (the thought of her driving kinda scares me). But it was nice talking with dad over the phone even though it was short (like 2-3 minutes) because he has difficulty hearing. Usually, when we hang out together in person, mom does most of the talking for them and I’ll have to push for her to let him talk, especially when I ask a question directly to him. It was nice to hear dad’s voice on the phone.

I try to call them throughout the week and text dad whenever I can remember in addition to our Sunday coffees. But it’s so easy to forget or let other things in life take priority. But when it really comes down to it, this time we have with them is the most precious because it’s limited. We don’t know how long we will have this time with them so it’s important to cherish and to continue to make our efforts in keeping them close in our lives. That’s what hearing dad’s voice over the phone reminded me of.


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