Allo moto! It’s been awhile! It’s spring and with spring comes sunshine, flowers blooming, damn allergies, pretty spring clothing, and spring cleaning! Speaking of which, yesterday husband asked me how my day went when he picked me up after work. I responded “Good, but it could be better.” He asked how? I informed him it… Continue reading Spring!



I’ve really dived deep into this art project. It’s pretty much like a part-time job for me, and because of how limited my time is, I’ve had to be creative with how to fit it in my day. Luckily, even though I’ve had to sacrifice other activities (like Netflix) and spending as much time with… Continue reading Hobbies



It was funny when hubby’s nephew had asked recently, “Can we celebrate Christmas even though we’re not Christian?” Valid question from a kid or even an adult. Even though we’re not Christian, I can’t remember a time we didn’t celebrate Christmas – not in a religious sense, obviously, but the spirit and festivities of it.… Continue reading Xmas